Robert E. Taylor, A. I. A. Principal ArchitectRobert E. Taylor, A.I.A.

Principal Architect

Architect and General Contractor with more than 40 years in the Industry, Bob Taylor is a designer of churches, schools, banks, commercial buildings, residences, master plans, parks and recreation projects. Bob is also nationally recognized in the Field of Restoration/Rehabilitation by the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.

NCARB Certified, a registerea Architect in Florida and Georgia and a State Certified General Contractor with construction knowledge developed through attention to detail and conscientious oversight of all of the firm projects. In 1970, Bob graduated from University of Florida as a Member of the Gargoyle Honor Society.

Bob is enthusiastic about BIM technology and its application to the built environment. HIs work product as a LEED applicant demonstrates sensitivity to “green” construction, the environment and energy conservation. Proficient in computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software and tools, Mr. Taylor is meticulous and knowledgeable about ordinances such as zoning laws, building codes and fire regulations and that structures must be handicapped-accessible. He is knowledgeable in the broad realm of construction, i.e., proper materials selection, appropriateness for longevity, scale, color and beauty.

Careful, conscientious, articulate, focused.


John P. Bernal (JP) is Vice President of RET. Mr. Bernal graduated with his Bachelor of Design and Masters of Architecture from the University of Florida’s School of Architecture. Mr. Bernal Joined RET in 2017 and was promoted to Vice President in 2018.


Johanna Amber is a Project Manager and Senior Designer that specializes Computer Aided Design Drafting and joined RET in 1989.


Beckey Straughn is our Office Manager with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Ms. Straughn joined RET in 2017.