The Client’s scope of work for the renovation included new roofing, renovating the Kitchen, Bathroom, and Family room. The overall idea was to make the space more functional and open.

The existing shingle roof was removed and replaced with a prefinished metal roof. The Kitchen was entirely overhauled by eliminating all existing kitchen cabinets, flooring, lighting, relocating one wall, and removing a portion of another. The section of the shared wall between the Kitchen and the Family room was removed, which not only gave the Kitchen more natural light, it also provides more spatial continuity between the two rooms. The relocation of an adjacent wall was vital to allow for more cabinets and more countertop work surface. The new Kitchen was accentuated with new flooring and lighting. The Bathroom was also completely redesigned by removing, relocating, and replacing the existing entry door, plumbing fixtures, and cabinets. Like the Kitchen, the Bathroom was complemented with new flooring and bathroom accessories.