St. Monica Catholic Church was established over 150 years ago. The current Church was constructed in a Greek Revival Architectural style and completed in May of 1899.  Saint Monica is celebrating 161 years as a parish and is part of the diocese of Saint Augustine, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2020. Saint Monica is the third oldest parish in the diocese.

The exterior of the Sanctuary has undergone various remodeling and was even painted white many years ago but has since been restored to expose its original brick veneer and beautifully articulated arches and brick pilasters. Its leaded glass windows, steep metal roof, with copper trim, this stately structure has endured the test of time.

The Church’s vision is to serve as a focal point for community functions and to promote spiritually related activities for the benefit of the entire community. To that end, our office was commissioned to produce a handicapped accessible, multi-functional Chapel with Restrooms and Storage adjacent to the main Sanctuary.

Our solution was a brick veneered Building beautifully articulated with Romanesque arches and bold brick pilasters with leaded glass windows, simulating the character of the Sanctuary. The project, while not yet built, is a viable architectural solution, one which we hope will become a reality.