Palatka, FL
tilghman house exterior
tilghman house placard

Design Aspects:

Reconstruction of two-story porch and exterior improvements including: siding replacement and repair, historically accurate wood windows, upgrading to accommodate physically disabled, and complete electrical and mechanical upgrading.

Our Renovation History:

  • Renovations of this historic architectural gem were accomplished in 2005. Front and rear porch reconstruction, rear wall and door replacement, window replacement, developed plans for proposed first and second phase construction.
  • 2008 Ramps were added for Handicapped Accessibility together with exterior/interior renovations

Historical Preservation:

Built on the St. Johns River in 1884 by Attorney Irving Gillis, the stately home represents Georgian architectural elements. In 1894 the home was sold to farmer and mill owner William G. Tilghman. Tilghman family members occupied the home until the mid 1970s. For over twenty years the house was divided into rental apartments until 1990 when the City of Palatka acquired the property. Since that time, the Palatka Art League has leased the building and currently permits school groups to enjoy history-based tours of the house and art classes held there are open to everyone. The house was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on 27 December 1972.

tilghman house interior

Winner: 2010 Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, Inc.


Award for Historic Preservation 2010

Tilghman House Restoration


Tilghman House Restoration