Palatka, FL
Palatka City Pier Hat
Palatka City Pier full view
Palatka City Pier brick entrance
Palatka City Pier bench

Design Aspects:

  • Fishing Pier parallels River and is bounded by rails to make it children friendly.
  • Brick entrance anchors at north end of park simulates entrance at south end.
  • Brick red “Witches Hat” Cupola has become a focal point for activities and recognizable symbol from the bridge as one enters Palatka.
  • ·Utilize “foot print”of existing 50 year old pier so as to facilitate permitting with DNR & Corp. of Engineers.
  • Pull up and clear away remnants of old pilings and piers.
  • Create new image for J.C. Goodwin Park.

New Family Recreation Area

New wood structure fishing pier, with accessory framing and railing with brick entry way.

A New Image

Construct a new wood structured pier 353 feet long with 6 finger piers, each 4’ x 16’; two finger pier measuring 12’ x 20’; one finger piers measuring 4’ x 20’, with ancillary pilings for mooring.

New brick entrance way with lighting and seating designed to anchor the southern end of J.C. Goodwin Park.

Palatka City Pier slips
Palatka City Pier placard